Meet the Characters in Don Juan in Hankey, PA

Deanna Lundquist, A Community Organizer and Socialite, Recently Divorced

Dr. Richard Rohrer, A Retired Physician and Widower

Vivian Frantz Pirelli, The Heiress to the Frantz Ketchup Fortune, Famously Divorced

Oriane Longenecker, Hankey Native and Amateur Opera Singer

Carter Knoblauch, Impresario born in Cincinnati

Donato Bianco, Aging Professional Baritone Whose Star Has Lately Dimmed

Leandro Vasquez, A Dashing Professional Opera Singer of Dissolute Habits

Mary Rohrer, Richard’s Late Wife, A Ghost of Saintly Demeanor

Arnaud Marceau, Local Balloon Entrepreneur and Clairaudient Medium

Maestro Schantzenbach, Diminutive Conductor of the Hankey Opera Company and
Lover of Dachshunds

Paylor Frantz, Vivian’s Mother, a Lonely Widow

Jeannie Jacobs, A Wealthy Widow, Originally from Hankey

Donny of Donny’s Catering, A Metrosexual Caterer

Tristan, Isolde, and Lohengrin, Three Young Dachshunds

* * *

Male and Female Singers, Operagoers, Musicians, Assorted Ghosts,
Health Care Workers, Receptionists, Servers, etc., etc.