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Who Killed 'Tom Jones'?, Foreword Clarion review 2014 (4/5 stars), "Gale Martin’s Who Killed ‘Tom Jones’? is as fluffy and delicious as one of the deep-fried funnel cakes that are a primary food group in Pankey, Pennsylvania, where heroine Ellie resides," 2/21/14.

Gale Martin - In the Spotlight, Book Viral review/feature "A page turner, sure to be adored by fans of Gale Martin and Tom Jones fans alike, Who Killed Tom Jones? is simply sublime," 2/19/14.

Curled Up With a Good Book, GRACE UNEXPECTED review, "We are all amazed at Grace," Barbara Bamberger Scott, 2013.

Kirkus Reviews, "Martin delivers an engaging plot, with witty banter, comedic elements that border on farce and cleverly titled chapters." Grace Unexpected, 12/14/12.


Centre Daily Times, "BOOK REVIEW: ‘Don Juan in Hankey, PA’ an entertaining opera tale," 6/29/12

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Kirkus Reviews, "Packed with comic misadventures, mystery, intrigue and opera lore, the book rollicks along to a satisfying conclusion." -- Don Juan in Hankey, PA

Curled Up with a Good Book - 5 stars for DON JUAN IN HANKEY, PA from Barbara Bamberger Scott, "Charming, intelligent and welcome first novel," 12/07/11

A Comic Opera is the Basis for Funny Fiction, Book Review, Lancaster Sunday News, Jo-Ann Greene, 12/4/11 


Grace Unexpected by Gale Martin might just be one of the most smart and funniest books I’ve read in sometime. Book review by Ali Crean, All the Things Inbetween, 1/16/14.

Gale does such an amazing job at crafting realistic characters but adding a fun little flair to each of them, Book Review of Grace Unexpected by Sara Palacios, Chick Lit Plus, 2/28/13.

I LOVED Grace Unexpected, Book Review by Candace Lybarger at "Endless Days of Literary Ecstacy," 10/17/12

Grace Unexpected by Gale Martin, Five-star Book Review at "Literary R&R," 9/22/12.

Grace Unexpected, Book Review - "If you like contemporary romance, give this book a try" at "Library Mosaic" by Carla, 9/12/12

Don Juan in Hankey, PA Book Review - "Wow. This is a great little read..."  at generationgbooks, 8/26/12

Grace Unexpected, A five-star review on "Book Evolution" by Litonya, 6/23/12.

Don Juan in Hankey, PA, a review on "Silver and Grace," by Laura Clancy, 5/1/12.

Opera in Daily Life: Don Juan in Hankey, PA, a review on "Great Moments" by A. M. Zénon, 3/7/12

Reading List: Don Juan in Hankey, PA, a review on "Opera Obsession," 1/7/12

An Imagined Cast List for Don Juan in Hankey, PA, a review by Kimberly A. Bennett, guest posting on "," 11/30/11

Even If You Know Nothing More About Opera Than I Do, You'll Really Enjoy This Book a review by Linda Orlomoski on "Are We There Yet?", 11/26,2011

Book Blurbs

"Gale Martin has written a clever and enchanting story that sings from the first page to its last. Opera buffs and novices will enjoy the juicy drama and intrigue that happens both on and behind the stage. What a treat!"  – Margo Candela, author of GOOD-BYE TO ALL THAT and THE BRENDA DIARIES

"Like a fabulous production, DON JUAN IN HANKEY, PA seethes with wild jealousies, convoluted  mysteries, wry comic turns, resident ghosts, mysterious assailants, bold intrigues, longing, love, lust, and – of course – plenty of opera.  Gale Martin's novel is 'meraviglioso!'" – Lenore Hart, author of BECKY and THE RAVEN'S BRIDE

"Hold onto your libretti! Gale Martin takes opera, and mayhem, to new heights in her laugh-out-loud, rollicking, confection of a novel. One part romance, one part mystery, DON JUAN IN HANKEY, PA will sweep you off your feet. You won't want to put it down!" – Nina Solomon, author of THE SINGLE WIFE

"A fast, fun read with wit, charm, and can-do optimism at its heart. DON JUAN IN HANKEY, PA is a tale of longing, lust, and love in small-town USA, featuring a sympathetic rake, a bipolar ketchup heiress, a desperate divorcée, a spurned society matron, a pimping balloon entrepreneur, and one plucky ghost. Some authors write comedy with aplomb. Others excel at infusing stories with emotional warmth. Martin combines both in a debut novel that will have you doubled over, laughing, that deserves to be welcomed with a hearty brava." – Kaylie Jones, author of LIES MY MOTHER NEVER TOLD ME and A SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER NEVER CRIES

"With a subtle humor and tenacious wit, Martin brings alive the world of Hankey, Pennsylvania, and its struggling opera house. By the end of the first chapter, we are already rooting for Deanna and her gang of  dysfunctional dreamers. DON JUAN IN HANKEY, PA has grace, snark, intelligence, but more importantly, it has heart. Within her cast of misfits, Martin manages to strike a familiar chord in the center of all of us, and with her melodious prose provides one beautiful libretto." – Amye Archer, author of A SHOTGUN LIFE

"Gale Martin has achieved an unlikely feat: an opera buffa in prose. Martin paints her characters in primary colours and whirls them through a series of improbable events and operatic in-jokes, at a pace worthy of the closing stages of a Rossini overture. And to help us along the way, of course, there's a very particular phantom...." – David Karlin, founder of BACHTRACK

"A lively romp about a dysfunctional, small-town opera guild. Martin writes about the Pennsylvania Dutch and opera fanatics with the same verve that Garrison Keillor writes about Minnesota Lutherans and public radio." -- Richard Fellinger, author of THEY HOVER OVER US

"A pleasingly coloratura tale of romance and intrigue set in a small-town opera house with big ideas." – Jonathan Pinnock, author of MRS. DARCY VERSUS THE ALIENS

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